One week in May

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May 26-30, 2015

We, the founders of the Bayou Footprint Initiative, are looking for a handful of rising juniors and seniors from the Greater Baton Rouge area to join us for five days of service, thoughtfulness and discovery this summer.

Our base of operations will be the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. Through shared work, shared stories and shared challenges we’ll get to know each other and through each other’s eyes, we’ll learn a lot about ourselves. Together, we’ll break through the cozy confines of the walls we build in our daily lives. And together, we’ll find a way to have a profound positive impact on the communities we care about.

The BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center

How will we do this?

During these five days we will engage in volunteer work at multiple sites with a diverse range of experiences. Unlike other volunteer activities you may have participated in — where you show up for a few hours and then walk away exactly the same person you were when you arrived — in this Initiative we strive for a much more profound experience. We will look beyond the moment to see a larger picture. We will always seek to connect past to present to future and by investigating how these service organizations came into being, we will discover how the mindful actions of a very few can have an profound effect on very many.

Throughout these five days, we will think both big and small. One BIG community we will get to know is the one that comprises our whole city, Baton Rouge. Together we will discover our shared history, replete with past successes and grand failures. Through this understanding of our past, we will see more clearly what are our common challenges in the future. And in seeing these challenges, we will contemplate what can we do to address them in our own, unique way.

What is the Bayou Footprint Initiative about?

It’s about seeing people you have never truly seen.
It’s about listening to voices you have never truly heard.
It’s about loving — and serving — people in your community who need you.

And, if we do this right … after we’ve walked this part of our respective paths in parallel … we’ll look back with pride on the imprint we left behind.

Please, share some thoughts with us, and apply now!

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